5 Great Recipes With Bananas

What can you do with a handful of bananas? If you have a few bananas lying around, you could make some great recipes. Here are some of them.

1. Banana Bread

If you have some bananas lying around and you want to make banana bread, here’s what you need to do. Take your bananas and mash them up. Add in some oil, a bit of sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix these ingredients together and add in your eggs. Beat this all together. Pour it into a greased pan and bake it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius. This should take about half an hour or so. You can also add in some other ingredients such as raisins or chocolate chips.

2. Banana Smoothie

If you have some rotten bananas lying around, you could turn them into a smoothie. You will need two bananas, a cup of milk, a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of ice cubes. Blend these ingredients together and you will have a nice smoothie.

3. Banana Pancakes

You could also make banana pancakes. All you need to do is mash your bananas up and mix them with some flour and a little bit of baking powder. Once you have done that, you could add in some milk and mix this all together. Then you need to heat up a frying pan over a medium flame. When the pan is hot, pour in a ladle full of the mixture and cook it until the edges start to brown. Flip it over and cook it on the other side. When it is ready, you can eat it with butter and syrup.

4. Banana Ice Cream

If you have a few bananas lying about, you could make banana ice cream. All you need to do here is peel your bananas and put them in a freezer. Put some cream in a bowl and put your frozen bananas in it. Stir it all together and then put it back in the freezer. After that, you need to take it out and stir it every now and then. This should take about a week to get done.

5. Banana Fritters

If you have some ripe bananas lying around, you could try making banana fritters. All you need to do to make this is peel your bananas and put a bit of butter in them. Mash them up and mix them with some baking powder. Then you need to dip your fritter in egg and then roll them in bread crumbs. Put them in a pan and fry them in a pan with some butter. When they are golden brown, serve them.